Lead & Hemoglobin Testing Coming Soon

We will be performing Lead & Hemoglobin testing soon. Keep checking back for updates.

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Lead paint poisoning affects over one million children today. Find out when your home, school and daycare center was built. If it was before 1978, it probably contains lead-based paint.

FACT 1: Just a few particles of dust from lead-based paint are enough to poison a child.
FACT 2: Lead from deteriorating paint can be found in soil around the home and in older playgrounds.
FACT 3: Since children often put their hands or toys in their mouths, washing their hands helps protect them from lead poisoning.



Q. How does lead get into my children’s bodies?
A. It enters the body through the mouth or nose. Lead is not absorbed through the skin.
Q. How do I know if my children have been exposed?
A. Sometimes there are no symptoms. The best way is to get a blood test from your pediatrician. Many people mistake the symptoms of lead poisoning for other common illnesses like a cold or flu.

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